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We are always super excited about making our clients happy! Solar IT Solutions delivers a blend of purpose and innovation and that makes us different from all other digital marketing providers. We offer customer experience capabilities from start to execution. Our geeky marketing squad makes us distinctively a winner catapulting us as the Best choice for Digital Marketing Solution providers in India


The Brewing Branding Store!

Our stellar marketing campaigns and promotions help you achieve business goals in every possible direction. We help deliver to meet the highest ROI to every cent you invest, influence buyers, and generate revenue with our complete suite of performance and advertising solutions. We strive to provide every inch of your customers’ demand. A huge part of our brainstorming process is looking at our clients’ feedback to ensure the whole shebang is well taken care of.

How We
Engage Customers

We study our customers to engage them across every channel: email, social, web, and mobile. Automate and manage every campaign, publish content, analyze results, and optimize on the go.

Our Content Strategy

Nobody knows your content better than YOU! We step up and promote your content to engage viewers with a compelling brand success story. Our research team does well to find pain points and influence buyers by crafting their side of the story.

The Awesome
Clients We Work For

We work for companies of all sizes from global healthcare providers, broadcasting media, e-commerce, movie and entertainment, fashion to busy start-ups.

The Winning Team @ Solar IT

We don’t believe in one person wearing multiple hats! Our people come from diverse backgrounds with the most relevant certifications. We have a solid team of digital marketers, full-stack developers, developers, content writers, copywriters, graphic designers, content marketers, social media specialists. Our culture creates a better workplace to attract talent. We are personally committed to delivering the absolute best.


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